1st Indian Making Video With Subtitles?

By - November 04, 2014 - 11:00 AM IST

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There is a lot that keeps happening in the entertainment industry but nothing beats the thrill and kick of being the first to do it. As part of that, one film seems to be achieving a unique record of becoming the first Indian movie to show its making video with subtitles. Proud to say it is a south Indian film.
Well, we are talking about the highly anticipated magnum opus I, another marvel from the showman of the south Shankar. Recently, the team released the making video of I which was lauded for the Hollywood style of making. But here is the thing that sets this video apart.
While those present in the video are speaking in Tamil, there are subtitles coming in English. This is something never been seen before for any Indian movie’s making video. Going by an estimate, has become the first Indian movie to do that. Let us see what more new records this film will unveil. 

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