Who Dominates Who?

By - November 17, 2014 - 06:12 PM IST

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As audience, it is always a merry experience for you to watch two or three heroines in the same film because the glamour dose and beauty quotient is high. But if you ask the director dealing with the beauties, you will get a very different picture. Most of the times, dealing with multiple heroines in a film is quite a challenge.

Each starlet vies to dominate one another and the talk right now is about two big beauties clashing against each other onscreen. They are the awesome beauty Anushka and the big girl with bold curves Sonakshi Sinha. The duo is flanking superstar Rajnikanth in his new movie Lingaa and all are eager to see who among the two is the hottest.

Sources reveal Anushka will be seen as the modern day glam doll while Sonakshi is seen as Rajini’s girl during the independence era. Slated for a release on December 12th, the expectations are high on this movie and with someone like Anushka and Sonakshi around, what more visual feast can the commercial audience ask for. At the moment, good luck to both the beauties!

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