Sampoo @ Harley Davidson

By - November 19, 2014 - 09:04 AM IST

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The relationship between a man and bike is much stronger than him and his wife. For any bike lover, the final destination is to own a Harley Davidson and ride with pride on the streets. The craze and status symbol for this bike is so high that there are exclusive biker gangs in the USA who don’t hesitate to kill if you mess with their bike.

Yesterday, the Harley Davidson showroom in Hyderabad had a surprise visitor and all those who were present were in for a shock. This is because the visitor was none other than the Burning Star Sampoornesh Babu fondly known as Sampoo. Without hesitation, Sampoo seated himself on this big beast and clicked himself. 

Some say after doing the bike scene in Current Theega where he picks up Sunny Leone, Sampoo got motivated to own a Harley. Now, whether he wanted to give a pose or is he actually going to buy is a big mystery. After seeing the picture, some are also quipping that maybe Harley Davidson have decided to take Sampoo as brand ambassador for their bike. Only time will answer all the questions.  

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