Exclusive: Mohan Babu's Auto biography Plan!

By - November 22, 2014 - 12:45 PM IST

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Biopics are the latest in-things in Hindi Cinema. However, writing Autobiographies has always been an ‘intellectual thing’ for us. But Autobiographies can trigger some greatest controversies. Indeed they are capable of giving some real big breaking news!

The latest comments of Sachin Tendulkar about former Indian coach Greg Chapel & former Captain of India Rahul Dravid in his Autobiography Sachin Tendulkar Playing it My Way were in fact sensational. The trend has arrived in Tolywood too. On the eve of Collection King Dr. M. Mohan Babu's phenomenal 40yrs in Telugu Cinema, here we get an exclusive scoop about his future plan.

If our reliable sources are to be believed, Dr. Mohan Babu is planning an Autobiography soon. This project is managed by his son Manchu Vishnu and currently the corresponding arrangements are under progress. And if everything goes well, this book can release for Mohan Babu’s next birthday.

He is already known for his straightforwardness and sensational comments. So, what landmines he is going to blast in this Autobiography is left to one’s imagination! He will surely ‘play it his way’…the Highway!

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