Indian Story as Hollywood Film

By - December 09, 2014 - 06:21 PM IST

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Many of you are aware on how some Indian films take inspiration from Hollywood flicks and make their stories. This culture of ‘freemakes’ has been on from quite a while but can you imagine a film made in India being lapped up by the western filmmakers and being remade? Well, it is happening now.

According to reports from Chennai, a Tamil film is all set to be remade not just in English but also in German. The film is Onnumae Puriyala (meaning ‘cannot understand a thing’) and this is slated to be a film that revolves around the stress experienced by the call center employees and its effects.

Directed by Apsara Ravikumar, the film has Kollywood actor Jack Michael as the hero while Harini and Vidya are the leading ladies. It is heard that the director’s brother who is settled in Germany happened to show the film to a group of German directors and that’s when the whole thing worked out. One south Indian cinema going there is rare and it sure will open up avenues for other content rich films.