'It Was Really Dream Come True'- Pooja Hegde Special Interview

By - December 16, 2014 - 05:27 PM IST

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Pooja Hegde can be undoubtedly called as one of the promising young actresses who made her presence felt in Telugu Cinema this year. With her sweet looks and good capability to perform, she has won many hearts with Naga Chaitanya starrer Oka Laila Kosam earlier. Now, the Kannada beauty is all set to entertain the audience with Srikanth Addala’s Mukunda opposite Mega Family Hero Sai Varun Tej. Here is an exclusive chit chat with the vivacious actress:

Hi Pooja..

Please tell us about your role in upcoming film Mukunda..
I play the role of a Traditional girl. Though I looked ethnic in Oka Laila Kosam I was seen in trendy costumes throughout. However, in Mukunda I will be seen in total traditional get up as the girl is from a village. My role is quite pivotal for the script and I am glad I got a good chance to act in it.

How was it working with Mega Family Hero Varun Tej?
Varun is quite tall.. he stands 6” 4’ in height! He has inherited many of his dad’s qualities actually. Initially, I was scared whether I can be even visible if I stand beside him in a scene. Once the filming began, we became great friends. We used to have lunch together and share our own experiences.

What about the talented director Srikanth Addala? Was it a good learning experience working with him?
I never saw a director like him till now. He never tells an actor on how to enact a particular scene. He used to give actors freedom and creative space. He even takes great care in costumes. He knows quite well which costume suits best for a particular scene.  In fact during one foreign location shoot, he got costumes for me exclusively. Srikanth has good command in every department of filmmaking.

How do you feel about the result of your first film Oka Laila Kosam?
My presence was definitely felt in the film and people identified my hard work. It definitely became a plus for me..

Your first film was with Naga Chaitanya from Akkineni family and second film is with Mega Family Hero. Was it difficult to cope up with the star family impact?
Well, both these heroes are quite down to earth. They were trying to prove their worth with equal level of hard work which I was putting through. Because of this quality, I never felt it was difficult to work with them.

Now that you have worked in two Telugu films, are you getting the knack of learning Telugu now?
(Smiles)I can understand Telugu. I learnt lyrics of all my songs. Everyone was asking me how I was able to manage it. I enjoy songs and to act I should know dialogues and lyrics. For Gopikamma song in Mukunda, I know all the lines by heart!

How do you select your film subjects usually?
I listen to the story first. Irrespective of whether it is a glamor role or a traditional one, the story should be the main driving factor.

How did you get into Ashutosh Gowariker- Hrithik Roshan’s prestigious Bollywood project Mohenjodaro?
I did an ad with Ranbir Kapoor and it was seen by Asuthosh’s wife Sunitha Gowariker. She got my contact details and asked me to come to their office. I was interviewed by Ashutosh Gowariker himself for one hour. I never even thought in my wildest dreams that I would be taken for an Ashutosh’s film because I watched his films Laagan and Swades in theatre as an audience. It is really a dream come true to me and I have given my 5 month call sheets for it.

Will u be away from Telugu Films in the coming year then?
Well, I have to prove my worth in such a golden opportunity first. If the Telugu audience feel they need Pooja Hegde then I would definitely come back here. I have been getting offers in Tamil and Kannada as well. I haven’t been listening to much Telugu film scripts because I cannot give my quality time if I liked the script now.

Are you doing any exclusive home work for Mohenjodaro?
Well, all the home work is done by Ashutosh himself. I am just following whatever he says. The costumes were mind blowing and the sets were breathtaking.. Oscar award nomination guy working for the art direction. I am eagerly waiting to join the filming and also anxious about Mukunda’s release on 24th of this month!

Okay..wishing you the best for Mukunda as well as future projects!
Thank you so much!

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