Unknown Secret About Posani

By - December 16, 2014 - 06:45 PM IST

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When you start getting connected to an actor through his performances, you would get more curious to know about him as a person and how he is in real life. Akin to that, actor/writer/director Posani Krishnamurali is known to be a firebrand and he has got a positive image amongst everyone.

In TV interviews he explodes and even in movies he is very energetic. He is known to have a communist ideology and is a nice performer onscreen. But those who meet him personally are shocked. They say he is very humble and very down to earth with a lot of politeness. They are saying “Is it the same Posani we see in films?”.

They feel this is his real personality. But here is the twist. Few others who know Posani say it is just a perception he created and he shows his originality when camera is switched on. But when outside, he acts as if he is very sober and grounded. Ultimately, is he for real onscreen or off the screen? Nobody is able to understand his split personality and they are in a big fix. This has become an unknown and mystifying secret about Posani.

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