Balayya's Madhya Pradesh Act

By - December 25, 2014 - 10:30 AM IST

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Whether you have noticed it or not but then whenever your favorite star hero is doing a story with a different language or culture backdrop then that kick you get is amazing. This is the reason why few smart directors tend to come up with non-Telugu locations. Now, Nandamuri Balakrishna seems to have repeated that act.
This is the talk emanating from many after looking at his latest still from his upcoming movie. The vehicle next to Balayya shows Madhya Pradesh registration and this has sent a strong indicator to many that the film is coming in backdrop of Madhya Pradesh.
Some of them have taken it a step further and say maybe it has to do with the Maoist menace in Chattisgarh and Balayya goes to deal with it. The film marks the debut of Sathyadeva as the director and it has Trisha and Radhika Apte as the leading ladies while music is by Mani Sharma. What remains to be seen is whether there is any link to Madhya Pradesh and the story of the film. Only time will solve this mystery.