Horror Rules Even 2015

By - December 25, 2014 - 10:43 AM IST

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When you decide to make a film you would obviously opt for the safest genre which is a masala entertainer so that success rate is high. But in the last few years, the penchant for offbeat subjects and out of the box concepts has prompted filmmakers to come up with different stories.
One genre which is now being explored extensively is the horror genre. In the year 2014, quite a few horror movies have come and scored well at the box office. Now, if you think that the horror mania has come to an end then you are mistaken. Even 2015 seems to be ruled by horror.
This is the feeling many are getting after watching the trailer of the new movie Budugu which has Lakshmi Manchu in the lead along with a child artist. Some of them say this is something like RGV’s Bhoot 3D. That way, just like 2014 even 2015 is also looking to go towards horror trend. As long as money is being churned out at the box office, it doesn’t matter which genre it is.

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