Mega Coincidence: Lord Krishna Factor

By - December 25, 2014 - 09:03 PM IST

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Do you believe in divine intervention? When some things happen without your involvement and make you feel good, that’s the name you can give it. Now, there seems to be a divine coincidence which occurred at the mega compound. It is being called as the Lord Krishna factor and the end result seems to be quite positive for mega fans.

All of you know that the mega boy Varun Tej arrived with his debut flick Mukunda and the film is getting a decent response. Now, the beginning of the year 2015 is going to see another film from the mega compound and it is Gopala Gopala starring power star Pawan Kalyan along with victory Venkatesh.

The point of coincidence we are referring to is the titles. Both Mukunda and Gopala Gopala mean Lord Krishna. As far as the mega family is concerned, they are happy that both films are garnering a lot of hype and the success quotient is high.

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