Innovative Promotion For 'Beeruva'

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If any of you is a filmmaker and made a fabulous film don’t think that the job is done because the real deal begins now. The most important aspect for any film to become successful depends on the way it is promoted and this is the reason why even the biggest of stars such as Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan travel across four corners of the country taking their film.

This promotional stint is much more necessary in the case of small budget films and this is something one Tollywood film and its team realizes fully. We are talking about the movie Beeruva and news is that after wrapping up the film and its post production work quietly, the team has decided to go full guns blazing with promotion.

Inside reports reveal there is a very innovative promotional strategy going to be implemented this time and given the fact that it is made under the banner of Usha Kiron Movies along with Shyam Prasad Reddy’s Mallemala Entertainments, some really out of the box activities are in store. This wholesome comedy entertainer has Sundeep Kishan as the hero while Surabhi is the leading lady.

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