Openness Of Pesarattu Director In Discussion

By - January 08, 2015 - 04:59 PM IST

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There are many things that decide the fate of a film and most of it is often restricted to closed doors and four walls in the industry. But here is one director whose openness has caught many by surprise. His name is Mahesh Kathi and he happens to be the director of the new movie Pesarattu.

Sharing his thoughts on his Facebook, Mahesh narrated his experience of meeting a very senior film distributor and the challenges involved. Well, the essence of the conversation is the distributor liked the taking but he asked if anyone from Jabardasth comedy show is there because the lead pair is new. For this, Mahesh said "No, sir. But we have actually introduced more than 30 new actors through this film. All are good and some are from theater background."

However, the distributor paid least interest to the detail and his immediate question was if any item song was there. Mahesh said it is a family entertainer. For this, the reply from the distributor is something you should reach on his FB but the point is, no director ever discloses such inside details and Mahesh’s openness is quite startling to many.

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