I Beast Make You Cry

By - January 08, 2015 - 04:46 PM IST

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What is your first reaction when you come face to face with a beast? Most of us would end up shivering and trembling with fear. But there is one beast which will end up making you get tears in your eyes. You will see that beast in the much talked about magnum opus I helmed by the showman of the south Shankar.

Apparently, the Hindi version of the song which goes ‘Tum todo na…’ has begun stirring the emotions of many listeners because hero Vikram renders it in a very melodious tone but in the beast getup. You might get a bit surprised when looking at the teaser clip but it is heard that in the movie owing to the continuity, it is perfect.

Those who have watched the rushes of I reveal before and after the song, the audience will cry due to the emotional intensity and it would also show due to what reason Vikram became like that. Well, it looks like I is going to be not just a grand spectacle but also a heart touching emotional journey.