Lyricits from 2 lakh to 10000

By - January 09, 2015 - 09:58 AM IST

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Are you planning to become a lyricist? Do you think your pen has the power to churn out some amazing lines for film songs? Well, Tollywood is the place to be. But if you think that it is going to make you rich then here is the Sutra which you have to follow. The flood of lyricists is quite high in Tollywood.

The range of remuneration for lyricists is between 10k to 2 lakhs. Ideally, it is not based on the experience and reputation of the lyricist but on the budget of cinema. Even top lyricists are writing for whatever is being paid. But the business logic has changed for the songwriters.

This is due to IPRS (Indian Performance Rights Society). Ideally, every song of every film comes under the wings of IPRS and whenever they are played on TV or radio channels, they have to pay a percent to IPRS. Out of this, 50 percent goes to the audio company and 25 percent goes to lyricist along with another 25 percent to the music director. That way, in the long run it keeps giving money. Hence, more than amounts, the lyricists are now focusing on songs count and that’s what even you should do.

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