I couldn't deliver dialogue in front of him: Saikumar

By - January 22, 2015 - 01:06 PM IST

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Saikumar is the true king of dialogues in Telugu Cinema. Let it be any sort of conversation, he makes it sure that the words touch straight to the heart, and enable the listener to hear it repeatedly through his phenomenal voice. That is the main reason why he has so many admirers just for his voice. Saikumar earned an unfaltering position in the hearts of Telugu Audience as a dubbing artist, hero, and continuing as a character actor over decades. This talented actor will be seen in Kalyan Ram’s High Voltage flick Pataas next. Here is an exclusive chitchat with the Dialogue King:

Hello Saikumar garu..

What made you accept the Kalyan Ram starrer Pataas?
The debutant director Anil Ravipudi has good clarity over his narration. Moreover, my role ‘Krishna Prasad DGP’ was quite interesting as well.

How do you feel about the output of the film?
The film has great potential and got all the makings of a commercial hit. It will definitely become a blockbuster. I am quite happy about the result. I will definitely get a good break with my role too.

You have had two contrasting incidents that of your son’s wedding as well as your father’s death almost back to back. How could you cope up with such extremities?
It was a mixed feeling totally. One moment we were celebrating my son’s wedding reception and suddenly this unexpected demise of my father shook our family. However, I could cope up with inner strength and glad that he could see his grandson’s wedding before he died. May his soul rest in peace.

How was it working with Nanadamuri hero Kalyan Ram?
He is an artist with great conviction. I really had a good time working with such a passionate young actor.

Do you prefer doing homework before delivering your lines and act for a particular film?
The only extra effort I do is to write each line in a separate piece of paper and concentrate on the modulation individually! Though it might look an old traditional technique but that's the best one. It helped me alot in my career.

You are a master in delivering perfect lines. Did you face any challenging moment in your acting career with respect to dialogue delivery?
In the past, I was quite scared to share the screen with Megastar Chiranjeevi and deliver a thumping dialogue to him. By then I was popular for my Dialog delivery but I could not utter a single word opposite Annayya. This itself means that even I need to work on my abilities to get the best output.

Is there any actor you really admire for their acting as well as dialogue delivery skills?
Well, I must say hats off to Sahaja Nati Jayasudha garu in this regard. I used to observe her on sets while working for the movie Kali Kaalam. While she was a different person off the screen, her entire personality changes when the word “Action!” is uttered. It was really amazing and I've learnt alot from her. In fact I'm really glad to have worked with her and she is a gifted artist.

What about your son Aadi’s next venture?
His next film Garam is going to begin its filming from next week. Meanwhile, I'm quite happy to get a chance to act in Pataas (Smiles).

Okay…thanks a wish you the best for Pataas!
Thanks a lot!

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