From Butt Bite To Butt Kiss

By - January 23, 2015 - 12:24 PM IST

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Yes, we know what you are thinking. The very headline might cause a bit of embarrassment for you but there is a lot to do with this subject on celluloid. Apparently, if you have watched the film Hey Ram then you will not forget that shocking moment when Kamal Haasan ends up biting the butt of heroine Rani Mukherji.

As it is, Kamal is famous for his long and deep smooch scenes but in Hey Ram he gave a jolt like that. Now, it appears that the circle has come around with his daughter offering her butt to a hero. She is none other than Akshara Haasan and all this is seen in the new Bollywood movie Shamitabh.

The latest trailer of the movie shows how hero Dhanush ends up kissing the butt of Akshara and it has caused a fair share of ripples across the viewers. While some say it was rather awkward to watch it, few others say this is the right way to grab the attention of the audience and they would enjoy such unexpected stuff. The film is due for release on February 6th so let us see if this Butt kiss would help or not.