Social Behaviour of Gopi Mohan in Discussion.

By - February 10, 2015 - 02:25 AM IST

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Post the internet invasion, the nexus between film celebrities and social media has grown deeper and stronger with passing time. Today, Twitter and Facebook have become the best platform for them to project themselves. In Twitter and Facebook, they would do a lot of self-promotion.

Some of the celebrities also do chit chat with other celebs. Some among the regular crowds find it interesting and some find it boring. On the other hand, media will get feeds to fill their slots and articles. Some celebrities keep coming up with controversial statements and the best example for that is RGV.

But the case of star writer Gopi Mohan is very different. He comes up with moral stories, anecdotes on his social media platforms. Once in a while he messages thanks to certain messages of appreciation and wishes happy birthday. That way, he is not into self-promotion and despite being a celebrity writer his social behavior is like this. It is unusual but interesting and appealing.