Tungabhadra - Title Talk

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When you hear the name of a river, for some reason, it sends you into a blue mood and soothes you down. The likes of Ganga, Godavari, Yamuna, Narmada, Cauvery have that effect.  Another name in that list is Tungabhadra and most of these names have been used for many Telugu films.

The latest in that is Tungabhadra and this is being produced by Sai Korrapati. Those who heard about it are saying the title is superb and has a powerful vibe. On the other hand, Sai has produced hit movies and he has a good grip over the public pulse. They are predicting that the openings will be good for this one.

Incidentally, the film was announced way back in April 2014 but now that Sai has taken it under his wings, the expectations have soared. This has Adith Arun as the lead while the talented Dimple Chopade of Bisket fame is the leading lady. Satire Star of Kollywood Sathyaraj is also essaying an important role.

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