Celluloid Smitha's Deglamorous Ad

By - February 20, 2015 - 10:55 AM IST

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Being a man, as you grow up there are those sex goddesses who would have baptized you into the elements of passion, lust and romance. And then there are those ladies who remain evergreen as the sex goddess no matter how many generations come. One such name is that of Silk Smitha.

This is the reason why when her story was made as a film, the starlet who did the role came to be known as celluloid Smitha. We are talking about the sensuous Brahmin beauty Vidya Balan who did the movie Dirty Picture and right now she has come up with a deglamorous ad which is raising eyebrows.

Vidya says ‘Alochana Vasthe Marugudoddi Vastundi’ Sounds obnoxious isn’t it? But there is a good intention in that. This has to do with the campaign that defecation should not be done outside. It is a government mission as part of Swachch Bharat. So, if you wish to have a toilet in your neighbourhood, with government support they will build toilets. Vidya Balan is the brand ambassador for this campaign and from a glamorous feast in Dirty Picture she has gone to this deglamorous role. One  must appreciate her approach because this is a very responsible ad.

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