Fitness Freak Producer In Tollywood

By - March 10, 2015 - 10:58 AM IST

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A very common pattern you will find among many entertainment professionals is that many of them are into fitness. Usually, the majority percentage belongs to the actors and dance masters. However, there is one producer in Tollywood who has become a role model of fitness for others.

He is none other than Lagadapati Sridhar who has come up with movies such as Evadi Gola Vaadidi, Sneha Geetham. Observers reveal that Sridhar plays a lot of tennis and he is quite passionate about the game. Close friends of his reveal Sridhar tries to attend at least one Grand Slam in an year.

While he has become a fitness freak here is another interesting part. Instead of dieting or taking fat burning pills, Lagadapati Sridhar sweats it out at the tennis court and remains in shape. It only takes a lot of grit and determination to follow what you feel passionate about and that way Lagadapati Sridhar is a true inspiration for many.

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