RamuISM on Rape Hits Like A Storm

By - March 14, 2015 - 04:55 PM IST

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When someone expresses his/her opinion about a particular issue or incident, it doesn’t matter who that person is as long as what he/she says is making sense. In that aspect, though as a filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has not been shining but his philosophy and perspective towards societal issues have always garnered attention.

This time Ramu has chosen the banned BBC documentary ‘India’s Daughter’ and he has given his opinion. Titled as ‘Ramuism’, it is an exclusive to iQlik and his thoughts have hit like a storm. RGV came up with many interesting points and since the video is in English it has got wide reach.

The national audience is also watching it with interest. It is noticed that many are reacting emotionally but RGV has given few solutions and suggestions from his point of view in a rational manner. His understanding of rape and the emotion behind it has been explained vividly and with a certain sense which cannot be denied.

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