Tungabhadra Movie Review & Ratings

By - March 20, 2015 - 09:43 PM IST

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Cast: Adith, Dimple chopade
Banner: Vaarahi Chalana Chitram
Editor: Thammiraju
Cinematography: Rahul Shrivatsav
Music: Hari Gaura
Producer: Korrapati Sai
Director: Srinivasa Krishna Gogineni

Avg. User Rating: 2.5/5

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Tagline: Tungabhadra – Lacks Water


Ramaraju (Satyaraj) is a reputed man in a small village, where there are family rivalries between two groups from generations together. And Srinu (Adith), is Ramaraju’s loyal servant. Ramaraju suspecting his daughter Gowri (Dimple) to be in love with someone, appoints Srinu as an escort to Gowri. But events take turn and they both fall in love. Here Trimurthulu's sons (who happen to flee from the village because of Ramaraju) try to seek revenge upon Ramaraju. Eventually, the political environment in the village takes a huge turn and Ramaraju loses his power. Trimurthulu's sons take this as an advantage and create chaos in the village. So, what happens to Gowri - Srinu's relation and how did the revenge saga between Ramaraju and Trimurthulu end up forms the rest of the story.


Satyaraj: This senior actor is rather underutilized. Tamil nativity pops in the story everywhere and it is elevated a bit more with Satyaraj's presence.

Adith: This young promising actor is good with his rugged massy look. But there is no scope for much heroism in the story.

Dimple: This newbie managed to attract audience in long shots. But there is no scope for acting.

Director completely failed in utilizing a versatile actor like Kota Srinivasa Rao and Sapthagiri's comedy is a total waste.


Gogineni Srinivasa Krishna is a debutante director. Though he was good at taking up some scenes, he failed in emotional scenes. There is a serious clang between Love and Politics and the director completely failed to involve hero's character in the story. As already told, the director failed to use key artists like Kota.


Well, this is not a new story. It is in fact a copy of some movies like Gangotri, Chanti, Yagnam, Mahanandi and so on. But here, we can see politics peeking in to the story. Basically, the story deals with the mental stress that a man undergoes when he happens to be in love with his landlord's daughter- a conflict between faith and his love. But director has failed to present this conflict emotionally tugging. Dialogues and emotions play a major part in stories like this. Though there are some good scenes in film (like Satyaraj taking his wife for an outing), they are not enough for a strong story line like this.

First half: It is decent enough with romance and comedy.

Second half: It is rather sluggish with less emotions and the unnecessary comedy by Sapthagiri. But it is an eye feast for audiences who have a special inclination towards locales. The Climax is good but again lacks the emotionally connecting factor that makes it a lackadaisical affair.

The director has in fact selected a very good story line but failed to connect it emotionally. The narration leaves the audience with enough questions and logics to at a point we might even get confused with the director's version of verdict.


Debutante music director Hari Gowri's effort is fruitful. Music helped to elevate the story. Songs are OK. Rahul Srivatsa's cinematography is good.


The movie’s run time is less that might add to the advantage of the movie. Sapthagiri's comedy should have been completely avoided.


This is not advisable for regular mass movie lovers. Even if the story line is perfect, director has failed to handle the story.

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