Eega's Rare feat in Africa

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They say “A Father feels happy not at the time of birth of his children but when they become successful in life”

One director in Tollywood is enjoying the same feeling. He is none other than “Jakkana” SS Rajamouli and we are talking about his brain child Eega. This film came as a surprise to the audience created a sensation pan India. This film was screened at many prestigious international film festivals like Cannes, Shanghai International Film Festival etc and even won various awards at the Fataspoa Film Festival, Brazil & Madrid Film Festival.

This film has been creating many sensations since its release in 2012 and is still continuing its streak. Now Eega got dubbed into Swahili (a language widely spoken in East Africa) and was released in African countries like Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi & Congo with the title "INZI" and tag line- 'Kisasi Cha Mwisho' which means "Fly"- 'The Ultimate Revenge' by Steps Entertainment, Tanzania.

Well revenge knows no language and a brilliantly made film like Eega knows no boundaries. Keep rocking and keep making us proud Eega. Wishing Eega a 100days run even in Africa. Go Eega Go!

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