Clash Of Titans In Tollywood

By - March 23, 2015 - 10:04 AM IST

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When you hear the phrase ‘clash of titans’ you would expect it to be a big fight between two big and powerful entities. But this time, Tollywood is going to see the clash of titans at a different level. We are talking about two movies which are preparing to be at loggerheads this Friday.

They are Jil and Rey. Jil has got aggressive star Gopichand along with the cutie Rashi Khanna. Given his mass effect along with the success of Loukyam, Gopichand is riding high and even Rashi Khanna has given a sizeable glamour feast. On the opposite side is Rey.

Coming from the camp of YVS Chowdary who is known for glamour and grandeur, the film has Sai Dharam which gives him the mega appeal. The other highlight is the exotic sex appeal of Shraddha Das and the adrenaline pumping music of Chakri. Both films have strong mass appeal packaging so here’s wishing them both the best of success and may the better one win on March 28.

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