Is 'Uttama Villain' Another 'Abhay'?

By - March 27, 2015 - 08:57 AM IST

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If you are to name that one actor who has always tried to come up with something unique and showcasing his talent, then you would immediately say it is Kamal Haasan. Over many decades, Kamal carved a niche of his own with his movies and signature style of brilliant performances.

Now, he is coming up with his new movie Uttama Villain and recently a song promo was unveiled. But those who saw it gave an interesting observation. Well, they say few years back Kamal came up with the movie Abhay which reminded them of a ballet style of story projection.

After watching the song promo, they feel even Uttama Villain is reminding them of Abhay. They feel that more than mass appeal this might connect with different section of audience. At the end of the day, cinema is all about connecting with the emotion of the audience. If it doesn’t happen no matter how hard one works, it goes in vain.

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