Ravi Babu is Mr.Perfectionist: Avunu-2 Actor Chintu Interview

By - April 03, 2015 - 12:02 PM IST

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Peculiar director Ravi Babu’s Avunu-2 has been creating an air of positive buzz around. Ravi Babu is known for bringing some talented actors on screen and we got introduced to one such promising actor Chintu with the popular Avunu franchise. He was already seen in films like Nuvvila earlier. Incidentally, he is the nephew of veteran character actor and comedian AVS. On the eve of Avunu-2 release, here is an exclusive chitchat with the actor:

Hello Chintu..congrats on your new film Avunu-2..
Thanks a lot..

How are you feeling about getting a chance in Avunu-2?
It is a memorable moment for me. My role would be recognized well for sure and eagerly waiting to see how it would be received by the audience. I am reprising the same role Mohan from Avunu in this sequel.

Please tell us how did you land into the radar of a peculiar director like Ravi Babu?
Well Ravi Annaiya’s family and we were neighbors for nearly 18 years. We were like family but acting was totally off my wildest dreams but this happened in 2011. One day unexpectedly, I got a call from Ravi Annaiya's office and it is for the film Nuvvila under the prestigious Usha Kirron Moives banner. I didn’t have any acting background then and moreover it was Ravi Annaiya's film...so I was naturally tensed. I was given a small scene to enact and Ravi Annaiya has supported and groomed me all through the journey.

How do you describe your association with Ravi Babu?
He is more like a family. I always call him annaiya and he has been constantly supporting me with atleast a petty role in his films since Nuvvila. Avunu-2 is the fourth consecutive film with him. I'm truly privileged.

What is completely unique and different about Avunu-2?
Well, Avunu-2 is one of its kind film not only in the content but also in the way it was made. There was absolutely zero paperwork involved during the making and the work happened using technology. It will go a step ahead of its predecessor Avunu in terms of thrill. Ravi Babu is a perfectionist who never compromises on the quality.

Were there any special suggestions given by Ravi Babu while to act a scene?
Not really. He just tells to get going on a scene and then the best output would come.

You were seen in Gopichand’s recent film Jill as well. How was the response for it?
I narrowly missed a chance to act in Prabhas' Mirchi which was made by UV Creations. Vamsi and Pramod are two awesome human beings and it's so nice of them to call me up again and give an opportunity in Jill. Despite being a small role, I got good response for my presence in the film.

What did you learn from your uncle AVS who is a senior artist in film industry?
I learnt a lot from AVS uncle. He taught me how to deal with success and failure with no judgments. He made me realize the importance of will power and I really admired his determination to rise from ashes during his tough times.
How do you see the reception for you here in Telugu film industry. Your experience so far and comments...
Though I agree the atmosphere hasn’t been completely favorable for me as an actor, there are some things which keep me encouraged and motivated. I am open to act in any language film and do not want to be confined to just Telugu Cinema. I have been doing some Tamil films as well and love to experiment with more films.

Coming from a film industry family, were you exposed to films at an early age?
I was initially not interested much in acting. I used to go for shootings to watch and Raghu Babu uncle along with MS Narayana uncle used to encourage me to get into films later. I didn’t plan my film entry at all and it was only because of Ravi Babu I came into films. When I got call from Krishna Vamshi to act as Khan in Paisa I was quite delighted.

How did AVS garu react when you said you are going into films?
He only told me to make the best use of any opportunity and treat success and failure alike. Till date I have been following only that mantra in life!

What about your family’s reaction?
They were initially doubtful about my abilities but were totally amazed to see me on screen.

Okay..wishing you the best for future projects!
Thanks a lot!

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