Bunny not okay with Boyapati?

By - April 09, 2015 - 09:21 AM IST

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There are many twists and turns in the journey of any project right from its inception to its release in the theatres. And Bunny - Boyapati project is currently going through that suspense drama.

Though the movie was officially launched, latest reports suggest that the project is in doldrums now. Inside sources reveal that the story has not been finalized yet and apparently Boyapati is re-working on the story. And talking about his upcoming films, even Allu Arjun has recently stated that the project is not confirmed yet. However the fact that Geetha Arts has a commitment towards Boyapati is the only ray of hope now.

Well if you are an industry person you may not find this surprising but this is indeed a lump in the throat for many hardcore Mega fans who are anticipating a high voltage action thriller from Bunny and Boyapati.

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