Samantha is 'Diabetic'?

By - April 09, 2015 - 06:21 PM IST

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Well we know Samantha is cute onscreen and in person, she is the sweetest star you can ever find. But that mere sweet factor should not make her Diabetic right? (For who are not aware of, Diabetes disease is popularly known as Sugar too)

For goodness sake, Sam is blessed with sound health on a personal front but Trivikram gave her diabetes. Surprised? Well getting into the details of the story, Samantha's 'Sameera' character has Diabetes in S/o Satyamurthy and will be always after sweets and chocolates (Oops! That's a spoiler now)

But this has turned the latest hot topic of discussion in the tinsel town now. Because we have seen many onscreen heroes with some biological/psychological ailment  yet they remain to be heroes. But when is the last time you saw a heroine with a  disease.

Well, Trivikram deserves a tap for a different characterization for his heroine once again. So what value did this diabetes factor add to S/o Satyamurthy's plot? Well that's for you to find out in the film.

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