Secret Of Nithya Menen's Stardom

By - April 15, 2015 - 09:47 AM IST

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You know for a fact that a heroine can be rated as the top league when she has the right kind of beauty, physical attraction and glamour quotient mixed with some level of performance. But what if one actress doesn’t really have all those credentials and still becomes the sought after heroine, how would you receive that?

This is the reason behind the big question about one girl. She is Nithya Menen and the question making rounds is, what is the secret behind her stardom? Those who raised this question say Nithya has no vital stats, no height, she is not slim and she doesn’t even get into generous glamour show.

Then how and why that stardom has come is their question. Well, the two reasons why Nithya shot to limelight is due to her magnetic face and her impeccable performance quotient. The magic she weaves when she is in front of the camera is top quality. After the likes of Revathi and Shobana, it is Nithya who is creating those waves of magic.