Sampoornesh Shocks Again

By - April 15, 2015 - 10:59 AM IST

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The element of shock you expect is when you watch a film and in some scenes. But you would never expect to get a shock when you look at a man becoming a celebrity and a sought after star overnight. But something like that happened due to one man. He is none other than Sampoornesh Babu.

Fondly called as the Burning Star, Sampoo shocked not just with his looks but also with his debut film Hrudaya Kaleyam. Now, he has returned once again to shock all with his new venture titled as Kobbari Matta. A very unusual promotion has begun for this movie in the form of a poster.

It states that April 15 is the Independence Day for all of us from ‘Americans’ and what not. All in all, many got confused but more than that, they got curious to see what Sampoornesh is upto this time. Directed by Steven Sankar, this film will see Sampoornesh in triple role. Need we say more now?

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