Andhra Pori Movie Group Selfie Contest

By - April 16, 2015 - 06:00 PM IST

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The makers of youthful entertainer Andhra Pori have come up with an interesting contest called Group Selfies. It is conducted as a part of the film's promotion and here are some of the important details about the contest:

Do you know about the backyard wall in your city?

Did you ever share the real time experience where the fathers worried whether their daughters would sneak from such escape route?

Did you every disclose the secret hideout where you meet your girlfriend?

How do you plan out such fun meets? At what time in the day? How many people usually meet? How long do you stay there and what is spoken then?

Wait wait! We dont need all these details..

But please do send us the group selfies from the location and meeting!

The spot used for meeting after bunking college.. The spot used for conducting combined studies.. Whether it is Mercury Cafe of McDonalds.. IMAX or Necklace Road!

Head out to the roads, click selfies , post them in Facebook, gain likes..hold on.. get prizes as well!

This contest begins on April 15th till 26th. There will be one winner per day and a grand winner for all the ten days.

The only winning criteria for this contest is the number of likes you get for the group selfies- so hurry up!

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