Director Teja's Interesting Preference

By - April 16, 2015 - 05:00 PM IST

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Peculiar filmmaker Teja is always on the news with some surprising decision or other. He is known for calling spade a spade and getting the best performance out of his film actors in the hard way as well. Just like the content in his films, Teja never gets bogged down by controversies and fear trying a new trend.

Now, this maverick director is making a new film called Hora Hori. If you might wonder what is so special about this film, the answer awaits! Teja is taking all the crew members for this flick from Telangana region alone. The reason he cited or this is - there is a general talk in the pubic that artists from Telangana region are not given ample chances to prove their worth.  Hence, he apparently wants to give the deserving technicians a fair chance by making them work in his upcoming flick. 

Till now, Teja gave young aspiring actors a deserving chance to act in his films. Let us hope the same luck strikes his technicians as well!

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