Where Is Big Land Donated By Vijayachander?

By - April 24, 2015 - 03:04 PM IST

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If there is anything precious in this world next to money and health, it is land. Yes, those who own large quantities of land will always lead a prosperous life and it also ensures that their next generations also have a safe future. This is the reason why many film biggies invest a lot in real estate.

Meanwhile, a new discussion has triggered among the filmnagar circles and this has to do with a huge chunk of land donated by senior actor Vijayachander. Long ago, Vijayachander had donated 18 acres of prime land and the objective was to come up with an old age home for the veteran and indigent artists.

On the other hand, he also donated two acres of land each for MAA, Producers Council, Directors Association. But the big land was meant for poor artists, an orphanage etc. Point is, why nobody is talking about it now and does anyone have an idea about it? Let us wish the new president Rajendra Prasad digs more into this one.

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