Dohchay Movie Review & Ratings

By - April 24, 2015 - 01:43 PM IST

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Cast: Naga Chaitanya, Kriti Sanon, Brahmanandam, Ravi Babu, Posani Krishnamurali, Pooja Ramachandran
Music: Sunny M R
Cinematography: Richard Prasad
Editor: Karthika Srinivas
Banner: Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra
Producer: B.V.S.N Prasad
Story-Screenplay-Direction: Sudheer Varma

Tagline: Disappointing Donga

Avg. User Rating: 2.75/5

Chandu (Naga Chaitanya) is a con man making money along with his gang. He meets medico Meera (Kriti Sanon) accidentally and falls in love with her incidentally. Chandu’s father (Rao Ramesh) is made a scapegoat in a case and put behind bars. One day when Chandu needed money to get his ill father operated, he finds Rs 2 crores that were looted in a bank by the hit men of local goon Manikyam (Posani). But old rival Inspector Richard (Ravi Babu) wish to trap Chandu in the Rs 2crore issue. Meanwhile, Manikyam who is in hunt of the lost bank money kidnaps Chandu’s ill father and sister as well. So, how did super smart Chandu trick the ruthless Manikyam and the foxy inspector Richard and accomplish his mission forms the plot of the story.


Naga Chaitanya: He was decent enough as a con man but however lacked the charm of a true blue con personality. However, he pulls it off with his subtle performance. But he tries hard to be cool with his dance moves but fails to.

Kriti Sanon: This lanky beauty was vivacious enough in the film but was rather underutilized.

Posani: This ace supporting actor excels in the role of a naïve yet ruthless villain. His scenes with Viva Harsha and others are amusing.

Ravi Babu: He will be seen in the role of an inspector but his sub plot with the hero is a surprise.

Saptagiri: He is yet another surprise factor especially in the last segment of the film.

Brahmanandam: This ‘Tempting Star’ was rather under-utilized in the film.

The rest of the cast including Praveen, Swamy Ra Ra Satya, Viva Harsha, ‘Naku Kopam Vachinidi’ Sudarshan, Prabhas Seenu, Jeeva, Chalapathi Rao, Jogi brothers, Sana and others played their part.


The Sudheer Varma who impressed us with a simple, slick yet smart crime comedy like Swamy Ra Ra has in a way made an adventurous move by choosing the same genre yet again. But this Dohchay Sudheer Varma was not as effective as Swamy Ra Ra Sudheer.

The director who seem to be confident over crime comedies has dished out a con film that completely lacked lustre. In an attempt to cook a crime comedy with increased dosage of comedy, Dohchay is suspended between being an outright comedy entertainer and a subtle crime comedy. The plot lacked the quintessential slick and stylish treatment it deserved. The bland twists, forced songs, insipid action sequences fail to impress you. However, with few gags here and there in the first half and the track of Brahmanandam and Saptagiri in the end, Dohchay manages to be a one time watch affair.


- Dialogues that had both punch and logic.

- Decent Cinematography.

- Comedy track of Brahmi and Saptagiri.


- The lead pair wasn't too impressive in the upfront.

- The bland screenplay with a  treatment that lacks lustre.

- The songs looked forced and the action sequences were mediocre.


Sunny MR’s album was cool and groovy yet repetitive at times. Dohchay album was decent enough but the songs didn’t fit well in the story.


Madhuurima’s special song ‘Anaati Devadasu’ was mediocre enough.


Dohchay remains to be just a onetime watch time pass popcorn film. But given all the promising big names and the expectations it set, it is an absolute disppointing show! 

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