Veerappan Got Finalized

By - April 29, 2015 - 04:39 PM IST

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If there is one reason why you have been hearing a lot about the dreaded forest brigand Veerappan in the last few days then the reason for that is the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma. Well, RGV is all set to helm a new project named Killing Veerappan revolving around the Sandalwood smuggler’s life.

Till recently there were reports that hunt was on to find the right face which suits Veerappan and now the chosen one has been found. Reports say he happens to be an alumni of the prestigious National School of Drama. He is a Marathi stage artist and a mind blowing performer with high intensity.

Some members of RGV’s team reveal he even looks very similar to Veerappan. Interestingly, since the film will be showing the different phases of Veerappan over a span of fifteen to twenty years, the shooting will take place at regular intervals just like how Tom Hanks movie Cast Away was shot. This is happening just to get the right look of Veerappan over his growing years.

It is heard that the chosen actor has got the acumen to be flexible with his body in terms of increasing or decreasing weight as required. All in all, RGV is a master in picking the right person for the right role. Previously, he brought one stage artist who was Kasab lookalike for the film Attacks of 26/11 and now this one.

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