Kamal's Dream Project Materializes?

By - May 04, 2015 - 06:23 PM IST

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Most of us know Kamal Haasan as an iconic actor and a true inspiration because he always strives to come up with something unique and different in his films. While that is one side, those who are close to Kamal reveal he is one man who has a very dogged determination and doesn’t give up on things easily.

It is known news that Kamal had a dream project named Marudanayagam and it was launched in the presence of Her Majesty, The Queen of England, herself. However, due to budget and other issues, the film got stalled. But then it appears that Kamal has not given it up and has been working on it.

Whenever he is asked about the project, Kamal has reiterated he doesn’t want to leave it. He wants to make it some way or the other and fulfill his creative urge. But given today’s times, what sort of budget is required and whether that budget will be recovered or not is something to be considered. At an emotional level, we would want Marudanayagam to materialize though.

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