Rs 100 Crore Bettings On Top Star

By - May 04, 2015 - 06:16 PM IST

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We all know that technically and morally Betting is a vice but for many this is a hobby, passion and for some, it is a means of livelihood. India has got many such gamblers who can stake their everything on just about anything. Right now, a major ring of betting is happening on a top star from Bollywood.

He is the mighty heart Salman Khan and after 13 long years, the verdict of the case involving Salman in a hit and run case is going to be delivered. The date for the verdict is May 6 and taking this as the cue, lot of bettings are happening. The gamblers are working on whether Salman will go behind the bars or not.

News from few betting centers is that after the ongoing IPL cricket betting, it is Salman’s case which has become hot and the stakes are going to the tune of a whopping Rs 100 crores. On the other side, there are thousands of Salman’s fan who are praying and doing everything possible to see that he is acquitted. Only May 6 will answer this tension filled suspense.

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