Why Not Heroes In TV Circuit?

By - May 07, 2015 - 07:04 PM IST

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The evolution of the small screen circuit has been exponential in the last two decades and it must be said that TV channels have become more powerful than the cinema screens. As a result, even the biggest of stars come to many programs on TV to promote their films.

While that is one side, one discussion happening is, why not heroes be part of the TV serials and other programs. As such, mega brother Nagababu, ravishing actress Roja are there. If star value is there for the actor then the TV channels are willing to pay up to Rs 1 lakh per episode.

Prime star Jagapathi Babu came in between and disappeared. Nagarjuna came and rocked with his quiz show.  That way, for game shows, political circuit talks, heroes can come and a lot of money is there. Through this, channels also will get high TRPs. Truth is, some heroes have strong following among housewives who are not interested to go to theatres and watch movies. Notable among them are Jagapathi Babu, Suman, Srikanth, J D Chekravarthy and others.

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