Actresses Lobbying For NATS And TANA

By - May 07, 2015 - 06:55 PM IST

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There are many events and entertainment programs that happen round the year but the one that many cine members look forward to happens to be NATS and TANA celebrations in the USA. Well, you get a free trip to the USA with paid accommodation and food. You also get to earn many dollars so why not.

As part of that, it is heard that the filmnagar is getting flooded with many actresses from the past and present. Reports reveal many starlets are busy lobbying using their connections to ensure they get the invitation from either of the organization along with the require package for performing and making appearances.

Incidentally, both NATS and TANA have got their events on the same dates in July first week so the starlets can go to only one place, else it would have been double income. Buzz is that even some of the organizers based in USA are getting calls from these actresses requesting the same. Let us see who become the chosen ones.

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