It's time for Kick 3!

By - May 10, 2015 - 02:48 PM IST

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Kick was one such rare subject that gave kick to the entire world. This smash hit not only shot Raviteja to new heights but indeed remained a memorable hit in Salman Khan's career.

One cannot deny the fact that Kick is an evergreen entertainer. Now you are going to witness Kick 2 with kick reloaded and entertainment overloaded. The audio of the film was grandly launched last night where we got yet another good news.

Even before Kick 2 released, the makers have announced that they would make Kick 3 as well. This just shows their sheer confidence over the potential of the subject.

Well Kick is just unimaginable without Raviteja and Brahmi and now Ravi Kishan (Race Gurram villain) also joined the squad which makes it exciting evermore.  While Kick 2 is set to hit the screens in this June, Kick 3 might materialize any time after the success of Kick 2.

Hope director Surrender Reddy makes more films in this series and offers more and more 'kick' to us!

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