All worried about Actor Brahmaji!

By - May 12, 2015 - 06:41 PM IST

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The latest earthquake strike in Nepal and parts of North India is the biggest worrisome issue all over the world. In what was believed to be the after effects of the devastating earthquake of 7.8 magnitude on Apr 25, the Northern Nepal was struck by yet another earthquake of 7.3 magnitude.

The tremors were felt in parts of North and North-Eastern India and neighboring nations like Bhutan. Earlier, a Telugu film unit (Yetakaram.com) unit went missing during the earthquake and eventually, the choreographer of the team was also declared dead now the industry is worried about yet another prominent actor.

Actor Brahmaji is the most reputed and key supporting actors in Telugu cinema. He landed in Bhutan today morning and tweeted a short while ago that he could feel the tremors in the hotel he boarded in. This tweet has bothered his fans and everyone has started enquiring about his whereabouts and conditions. Hope, yet another tweet/post from him should confirm things and comfort his well-wishers back here! 

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