'Harikatha' Title Is Not Final

By - May 15, 2015 - 02:44 PM IST

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Whenever the project of a big hero is on the anvil, the first thing that many would want to know is the title. In some cases, the directors announce the title beforehand but in other cases, a working title is kept and the actual title is revealed at the end. Something similar seems to have happened in the case of energetic star Ram.

Apparently, Ram celebrated his birthday and as part of that, the first look of two of his projects came out. Till such time, many were expecting that one among those projects has been titled as Harikatha. But now, it is clear that this is just a working title and there is a good chance that another title may be locked for it.

However, there are those who say Harikatha does sound like an apt title and it will suit. But it all boils down to the director and the storyline associated with the film. For now, one thing is clear that Harikatha is not the final title. Keep watching this space to know the actual title very soon.

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