I've learnt alot from My Senior Actresses: Rakul Preet

By - May 18, 2015 - 04:16 PM IST

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In the age of bottleneck competition between female leads in Tollywood, one sweet looking girl called Rakul Preet Singh set the silver screen on fire with her stunning looks and great acting skills. Right from her first film Venkatadri Express, Rakul has been doing films in full length without having a break! Now, this Punjabi beauty is all set to entertain the audience with two back to back films Pandaga Chesko and Kick 2 this summer. Here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the actress:

Hello Rakul..

You have earned the name of being the industry’s most wanted heroine now. Did you ever dream of getting into such position?
I am not a dreamer in general. So, big dreams are out of question (Smiles). Before coming into films, I just wanted to prove my worth as a good actor with few films. But, I always believed in hard work and being professional. I maintain discipline and do ample homework for my role by listening to what director says. I’m so gladdened and grateful to the warmth Telugu industry has extended to me so far!

What about the 'Lucky Girl' image you have earned in short notice?
I am obviously happy for it! Moreover, I believe that team work is the most crucial aspect behind any successful film and it is not entirely one man’s show. As long as I am not branded as ‘Iron Leg’, anything is welcome.

This summer seems to be your monopoly in film arena?
Yes. Both my films Pandaga Chesko and Kick 2 are releasing almost in the same time. I'm so happy to get two films back to back and feel more close to the audience this summer through them!

Please tell us about your character in Pandaga Chesko..
My character’s name is Divya in the film. She is a nature lover and has a peculiar attitude. This doesn’t mean she isn’t fun filled. Director has made it so entertaining and I can confidently say this is a very different role I did till date.

How was it working with your Pandaga Chesko co-star Ram?
Ram is immensely talented actor and most importantly an electrifying dancer. It is really difficult to cope up with his energy levels during dance!

Working experience with director Gopichand Malineni?
He is from a totally different school. The movie justifies the title’s festival atmosphere. Pandaga Chesko has a huge cast and it was indeed a great challenge for the director to handle all of them. Gopichand has absolute clarity about each and every character and what he needs from his actors. Every role has its own importance in the script. It was an enjoyable experience working for this film and I thank him for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this fun!

What about Kick 2?
I really liked Kick. I never thought I’d be casted in the sequel and my role is quite unique in this film as well. Surender Reddy is known for strong women characters and I’m glad I too got one such good one.

Going by your filmography in Telugu till now, you have been essentially doing glamor roles alone. Does that mean you are keeping the extra focus on glamor roles?
Somehow, I don’t like the word 'glamor'. The female lead should look beautiful and even I and my team give my best to present me beautiful onscreen. But I want to do films which my family members can also watch comfortably without vulgarity and mediocre content. I would want to act in performance oriented films as well. Pandaga Chesko and Kick 2 had such good scope along with a fashionable look.

Do you find striking competition between senior female leads like Samantha, Ileana, Tamannaah and Anushka?
Nothing like that! Everyone has their own scope to get roles. I learnt a lot from such senior female actresses on how to be professional and choose good scripts.

You have had a busy acting career right from Venkatadri Express. Do you get quality personal time?
I wanted to be this busy before getting into movies. One needs to sacrifice some other aspect in life. Mainly, I never feel work is a burden and have great time during sets. If we love doing something, we wouldn’t be bothered about the work load.

Upcoming projects...
I’ve signed up for Ram Charan and Jr.NTR’s next projects and my call sheet is full with them! I haven’t signed any other films apart from these.

Okay..thank you and wish you the best for your new releases!
Thanks a lot!

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