Yuvi joins hands with NBK

By - May 19, 2015 - 04:38 PM IST

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Yes you are right! Yuvi means Yuvraj Singh and NBK is our Nandamuri Lion Balakrishna. Of course, these two names hail from two different worlds but they have something in common. Both these big names are fighting for a single cause and both have joined hands to fight together.

Going into the details, we know Yuvraj Singh is a cancer survivor and even runs a non-profitable foundation named YouWeCan to create awareness about cancer, early diagnosis and fight against the stigma. Even Balakrishna has been efficiently running Basava Tarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital & Research Institute that has been serving towards Cancer treatment, Research & awareness from years together. Yuvraj has apparently found Balakrishna the right person to joins hands and work towards Cancer awareness.

This collaboration will lead to active campaigns and awareness programs in near future and a pakka roadmap shall be officially announced very soon. Both Yuvraj and NBK are proving to be heroes off screen also.

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