Bhallaladeva Scored More Than Bahubali?

By - June 01, 2015 - 10:57 PM IST

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When you see certain movies, you would realize that the antagonist tends to create more impact than the protagonist. For instance, the movie Arundhati became a major hit due to the evil presence of Sonu Sood as Pasupathi. Now, another magnum opus is making headlines for its antagonist.

We are talking about the movie Baahubali and the antagonist is the towering hunk Daggubati Rana who has essayed the role of Bhallaladeva. Recently, the film’s director S S Rajamouli released a spree of posters introducing the characters of the film and all of them got very good response.

But among all the posters, ‘Bhallaladeva’ got more marks than Baahubali is the talk which is emanating. As such, among all the posters, ‘Sivudu’ showing Prabhas holding a Shiva Linga is rated as the best and after that, the best ratings went to the poster of ‘Bhallaladeva’. Let us see what the film has to offer.

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