Baahubali Trailer Record!

By - June 02, 2015 - 09:58 AM IST

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Finally Baahubali trailer released worldwide and is being widely lauded all over.

The trailer is promising a visual magic and fans simply can't wait for the film on July 10. The unanimous feeling is that Baahubali will certainly make us proud in the international arena. Prabhas fans have truly celebrated the trailer release and have created a movie release hungama all over. This just shows how desperately they are waiting for the film and Prabhas.

Meanwhile, the trailer that got online officially at 5 PM on YouTube is the most trending video in the You Tube now and has garnered above 8lakhs hits within just 14 hours of uploading and in the next 10 hours it is estimated to cross more than a million (10 lakhs) hits for sure. If it crosses million it will become the first ever Telugu movie to have achieved this feat in a short period.

It is really a proud moment for all of us and a big shout for Jakkana aka Rajamouli and his team. If a 2 minutes trailer can create records then the potential of this 2 hours 35 minutes epic can be left to our imagination.

Meanwhile, releasing the trailer of Baahubali Hindi version, eminent Bollywood producer, director Karan Johar admitted that he couldn't make a film like Baahubali so far because he didn't have Rajamouli in their industry. Well it is heartening to hear such a big compliment to our very own Jakkanna.

More records are waiting. Way to go Baahubali. Jai Maahishmati!!!

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