Youthful Producer Out of The Club?

By - June 13, 2015 - 01:16 PM IST

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The youthuful producer Dil Raju has made his own mark on Tollywood by giving some memorable films which are fresh as well as having a meaningful message. Apart from his active role as a producer, Dil Raju is quite dynamic in bringing out new reforms for the betterment of the film industry. Recently, Dil Raju has planned for a proposal to sell the promotional rights for every film to only one media channel and asked for other producers to support this cause. He apparently feels that by doing so, the film would reach more audience and would pave a new way for promotional business.

However, Dil Raju seems to have dropped out of this plan now. His recent film release Kerintha is being promoted actively in all media channels and running successfully in theatres. This obviously means that Dil Raju gave his idea another thought and felt the existing promotional strategy is best for Telugu film industry.

Or does this mean he is coming up with a better stringent plan for his new alternative? Let us wait and see!

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