Fans Doubt Over Chiru 150th Film?

By - June 13, 2015 - 01:24 PM IST

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Chiranjeevi is one of those unique and undisputed star of Tollywood who has changed the direction as well as the dimension of film industry. The acting journey of Chiranjeevi to Megastar wasn't a cakewalk at all. He has began his career with negative roles and slowly transformed into a Supreme Hero with amazing dancing skills, extraordinary acting performances and tremendous appeal in masses. He still occupies the crown of Megastar in Tollywood and obviously his fans were upset when he stopped making films due to political stint. 

But when Chiranjeevi himself announced that he would be doing his anticipated 150th film, fans started being posessive about the subject and want to see their favourite star in nothing less than perfect avatar. When Puri Jagannadh was annouced as the director for this golden film, fans were obviously rejoiced knowing the hard hitting storytelling abilities of the director. But when Puri's latest offering Jyothi Lakshmi was released this Friday, the film got only lukewarm response from critics as well as common film audience. This naturally rised misgivings about how well Puri can pull of this challening task of directing the Megastar.

In fact, this film would be crucial for Chiranjeevi as well because it would be his comeback and he is taking every care to look and perform his best for this flick. But as director is captain of the ship, fans are expressing their worry over social media. 

Nevertheless, Puri is one of those directors who is master of surprises by giving many hard hitting films earlier in his career. We will have to wait and see whether he pulls off such miracle with Chiru' film once again!

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