Renu Desai's Philosophy Winning Followers

By - June 20, 2015 - 03:50 PM IST

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As you spend your days in life, you will come across people who tend to influence you and get influenced by you. It is all about each one’s philosophy of life and how that makes a difference. And if you are a celebrity the chances are more that what you share or speak attracts more followers to you.

This is the scene right now with Renu Desai. She is not a hot heroine or a happening personality but the fact that she is the former wife of power star Pawan Kalyan and has been a noted model long ago, she has got an identity. True to that, Renu is also sharing a lot of wisdom and knowledge.

This is through her social networking profile. Her philosophy towards life and many other things is finding a lot of interest and response. Right from spirituality to love to something related to society she keeps coming up with sensible questions and this has created a new fan base for her in a big way.

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