Dialogue King Sai Kumar Shakes USA?

By - June 20, 2015 - 02:45 PM IST

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When you listen to the voices of heroes like Suman, Rajasekhar and few other actors, you would notice that it is the same. This voice has been famous for delivering thundering dialogues and the pitch in the voice is so high that every theatre reverberates. The entire credit for that goes to one man.

He is none other than actor/ dubbing artist Sai Kumar and thanks to his impact, he is called as the Dialogue King. Now, there is news that Sai Kumar is all set to do something like this in real time environment instead of onscreen. Well, this is going to happen on a dais which is based in the USA.

Latest reports reveal Sai Kumar has been approached to give a performance to an event based in the US and he has gladly obliged. So, he is preparing to shake the Telugu NRIs with his earth shattering dialogues and his aggressive body language. It is going to be a treat for all the powerful dialogue lovers then.

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